Popular Misconception About Escort Girls

People have different misconceptions when it comes to escorts and this is the same as the men who visit them. Some of these girls have been labeled as whores, losers and moral deprived. This is because of the misconception about the escort service which is the oldest profession in the world. The service is offered, not because some people are addicted to the drugs or they are exploitive but because people need to get sex, appreciation and company of someone else.

The following are some misconception about escorts:

1. Every escort is a prostitute

There is the grey area where something may not be denied, but it is not reality that every escort is a prostitute. Some people may engage into the sexual act to get money and escort description is what the name is implying. They do escort the men to the social events as far as there is a need of having a female company.

2. An escort is unhygienic and carries different diseases

Escorts want to get money by offering sex and they do not like to get sex without the protection. The escorts ask the men to wear condoms always and they are stricter compared to normal women. Regardless if the escort is working as an escort as the career or if she wants money to pay her the university before getting another job, then they are aware that when they get STD, the job will be over. There should also be any misconception that escorts are dumb in general.

3. Any man who visit an escort is a loser

There are men who can attract women naturally. However, there are others who have truckload of animal magnetism who can beat the women off using a stick. But they can still choose to visit the escorts because there is no string attached. These men are these who want to do what they want at once, and they do not want to chat endlessly with women. This will not mean that these men are losers but men who say that these men are losers are jealous since they are not free to do what they want.

4. Escorts can do anything as far as it gives them money

As any other professionals, some escorts can do anything for money while others will not. However, there is no need to point a finger to the escorts just because they are earning money in a different way.

5. Escorts are single mums and drug addicts

Even if some escorts are single mums and drug addicts, it does not mean all the escorts are drug addicts or they are single mums. Many escorts are students at the university and they are working to improve their education.

Others have other careers and they want to enjoy power which comes with the professional.

6. Women who get paid to offer sex are immoral

Women who are escorts, they are strong willed women and they know what they want and it does matter how they get. People who say that women are immoral, they are forgetting what makes these women become escorts and the men who visit them. Take time to discover more about the escorts.