Is prostitution legal in Nevada?

Prostitution is legal in certain areas of Nevada, where it is regulated as an official business. This does not mean that there are prostitutes walking the streets of these areas legally, but instead it refers to select buildings within certain counties where a license has been issued to legally engage in the sale of prostitution services, and sex in exchange for money is the product for sale. In order to obtain a license from the state and county, these businesses must undergo a rigerous qualification process, and must keep perfect records and be up to code standards. The brothels are situated in very isolated and rural areas, and the majority of Nevada’s population lives in counties where all forms of prostitution are not legal, namely Clark, Washoe, Douglas, and Lincoln counties, and Carson City. The other counties allow brothels and legalized prostitution, but some of these counties currently have no active brothels (brothels are in operation in only 8 counties.) There are active brothels in eight counties in Nevada.