How Meditation May Improve Your Sex Life

sex life

In this day and age, there is a great deal of pressure that affects the overall health of men and women. Juggling typical day-to-day challenges can take a toll on one’s body. And with the ever-increasing stress factors that people have today and that can decrease libido and sex drive in the bedroom.

If you overcome anxiety in (and out) of the bedroom, you can possibly improve your sex life without the use of any medications or stimulants. Both men and women can increase their drive by taking a deep breath instead of supplements for sexual enhancements. Sex is about communicating with your partner and with yourself. Keep in mind what that simple act of breathing is capable of doing:

1. May open up your ability to communicate and relax, which can help you focus on better health and better relationships that can include better sex.

2. May improve body image. I have had many clients report to me that meditating made them less self-conscious about the body. They also reported less body aches, which is especially helpful as we mature.

3. May help you create a sense of self-awareness, and an improvement to your overall health. It is known to increase circulation and blood flow, and can increase libido as we age.

So if there weren’t enough reasons to meditate already, the fact that it can improve our experience when in the bedroom is a plus for both men and women. Meditation is important to my days for all of the above and more, and there seems to be no end to the benefits.

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