8 Top Secrets Revealed: What Women Want in Bed!

What Women Want in Bed

Hey Mister, if you want to really please a woman in bed, don’t ask your buddies (it’s like the blind leading the blind!) Get to know the facts from the horse’s mouth! So read this godsend article written by a woman, to anchor ‘lost souls’ who have no fricking idea about what women want in bed! Scroll ahead to discover 8 fascinating, dark and dirty secrets to make your chic gasp, squeal and squirt every time!

What Women Want in Bed – What They REALLY Want!

As a woman who’s had her fair share of action, let me tell you outright that most of you have absolutely no clue about pleasing a woman in bed. 99.9% of you suck, period!

But I don’t blame you completely. It’s partly our fault for sending you mixed signals. The thing is, if a girl really digs you, she’ll think twice before voicing her kinky fantasies, lest you start judging her! So she’s most likely to put up a demure show from the outside, while from the inside she’s like “Jackhammer me now, you ba**%$*!!!!”

The very fact that you landed on this page shows that you’re sensitive enough to ‘want to know’ what women want in bed. Believe me, that’s a rare trait as most men I’ve known prefer to think of women as outlets they can just plug into and start thrusting instantly!

So hey, congratulations for being a REAL MAN for genuinely wanting to please a woman in bed! And finally, I’m going to speak out for all of womankind (yeah, that sounds tacky!) or at least reflect the naughty fantasies and desires that a majority of us stand by. These eye-openers will make you quite the ‘ladies’ man’ and a keeper in relationships for sure!

Top Secret 8- Don’t Stifle Me with Vanilla Sex. Turn on the Fireworks!

All right, this secret is especially for married or betrothed couples. You’d want to think that women are the reason why monogamy was ever invented. But, let me tell you that after a certain while, doing it with the same person over and over again, is equally monotonous for us! Which is why, we want variety, we want fireworks! I’d rather prefer you think of me as your whore in bed, and not a Madonna.

So what women want in bed, is that from time to time, do away with vanilla sex and think of something naughty. Be it enlivening kinky fantasies, mild BDSM, sexy role plays, eating off each other, trying out new positions or even considering a threesome, we’re much more open to these ideas than you assume!

Top Secret 7- Discover My Erogenous Zones and Take Charge!

If you’ve been trying to read up on the female erogenous zones online, I applaud you! Not many men are bothered to educate themselves about the female body. You’ve probably come across the most commonly talked about zones like the scalp, ears, lips, neck, nipples, lower back abdomen, clitoris, inner thighs and feet.

Here, let me take the liberty of enlightening you that the standard zones that you’ve seen in diagrams and articles are just a general guide to get you started. Every female has her own unique erogenous zones, which you can only discover when you focus on her body, her sensations, her pleasure and devour her entire body from head to toe! So be a man, take charge and drive me crazy as you uncover and work on my erogenous zones!

Top Secret 6- Deep Down, We All Crave for Exhibitionism!

And you thought it was only you who wanted to pound her hard in the coat closet! Guys, we’re always up for PDA (I cannot have enough of it!) Whether a girl admits it or not, it’s a fact that most of all are eager to indulge in public sex. Now the levels of naughtiness will definitely vary from gal to gal (and you have to find out what works for her!) Some would want to remain confined to retro stuff like kissing and hand-jobs in the movies, while others would be more than eager for some kinky action in the woods or parking lot. As long as it doesn’t end up in a law-related fiasco, exhibitionism is absolutely great!

Top Secret 5- Be Vocal- the Dirtier, the Better!

Most of you might’ve guessed that a part of what women want in bed, is for their partners to be more vocal. But it might come as a shocker that close to 90% of women like me, want to be treated like sluts in bed. What I’m implying is obvious here. The filthier language you use, the bigger off a turn-on it is! I cannot start being descriptive here (as that would risk this page being blocked by search engines), but use your imagination! Yup fellas, that’s the women’s paradox- we want to be loved and respected as individuals, so cursing in day-to-day life is a big no-no, but cursing in bed is a huge turn-on!

Top Secret 4- Tune up the Aggression, I’m NOT a Ragdoll!

Most of us appreciate chivalry in real life, but not in the bedroom! Yes, sweet and romantic love-making is appreciated sometimes- probably on Valentine’s Day or an Anniversary. But most other times, we want that growling animal in you! You’re not the only one who wants a hot, sweaty ride with the headboard shaking and bed strings creaking. So tiger, pull my hair, slap my rear, pinch my butt cheeks, bite my nipples, give me occasional hickies and drill me hard!

P.S- Make sure you ALWAYS check the level of aggression she’s OK with. All chicas enjoy aggression but their pain threshold can be really different! Some of us might be up for only some gentle spanking while those who really dig it might even ask you for mild asphyxiation!

Top Secret 3- Treat My Clit Like the Holy Grail!

As a man, you’re most likely to be attentive to the cunt and ass, leaving the most vital erogenous zone unattended!

Listen up, you cannot fumble around when it comes to something as important as the clit! OMFG, most of you cannot even get the location right, let alone treat it well! If you’re really keen on knowing what women want in bed and really pleasing her, pay heed to her clit. Gently finger it to get started, run your tongue around in circles to tease her, and when she’s getting closer, put your lips around it and suck till she cums and cums and cums!

Top Secret 2- Go down on Me and Go All the Way, Dammit!

Imagine a chick blowing you and suddenly leaving you high and dry before you could shoot out your wad. That’s exactly how we feel when you stick your tongue around for a while and then pull away. If you want to give head, do it right or don’t do it at all!

Now I don’t have the time to give you a tutorial on pussy-licking, but I will definitely warn you against learning it from porn videos or reading badly-written guides. You could however, take a look at these “6 Shocking Secrets about the Art of Pussy Eating”! We’re all on the lookout for a guy who loves to eat pussy and does it amazingly well. So if you can be that ‘rare guy’, we’ll treasure you like a gem!

Top Secret 1- Never, Ever Abruptly Disconnect after You’re Done!

OK, I get it. There’s a reason why it’s called the ‘climax’. At least for you, it is. Because that’s when you take the cue to roll away and drift off to sleep.

Sorry fellas, that’s not how it works with us. No matter how rough and kinky the ride has been, we all want a man to cuddle and spoon in post-coital bliss. Even if you’re not the ‘cuddly’ types, make sure you spend a couple of minutes just holding her, telling her that it was amazing and gently kissing her. If you’d really like to sleep with her again, never be the jerk who spurted, disconnected and went about his business unfazed!

Summing it up!

With your newfound knowledge of what women want in bed, I’m pretty sure you’d want to get your sailor to work right away! But all along, please remember that every woman is different. The ultimate trick is to make her comfortable enough to confide in you. Once you’ve achieved that, you’ve absolutely nailed it!